Jurgen Drews Bernhard Brink

The CD album ‘remember me’ by Josef Hassing appears in June “You’ve accomplished a miracle” with this hit Josef Hassing has healthy without detours right in the heart of a large fan base. No wonder it’s therefore, that finally even a full album followed by several successful singles and television appearances: his first long-player “never forget me” and the new single “on my pillow” in German record stores and the popular download portals are available now. The likeable young entertainer is already not a blank slate just 32 years of age. Of trained educators gathered not only in his native Munsterland, but also far beyond his “apprenticeship”. He was allowed to create atmosphere in the Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, across Germany and Mallorca. His recent singles landed on some 70 hits compilations. No matter whether it occurs at festivals or on television, everywhere he provides as a singer and presenter not only by the audience enthusiasm also famous colleagues are immediately impressed by the expressiveness of his voice, his sparkling charm and its naturalness.

Whether Jurgen Drews Bernhard Brink, Ireen sheer, Roland Kaiser and Bernd Cluver: all took the young star from Ahaus to acclaimed guest appearances on the stage, so he transformed the Hall into the party zone in just a few minutes. And it will be everywhere, where his new album is applied. So that will be the case, Josef Hassing and his team have no chance to chance: with such successful composers and lyricists such as Tobias Reitz and the team of HIT MIX-music, Erich oxler and Stefan Possnicker, the album has also produced, Josef Hassing gathered a team to hit safe, like never before. Eleven songs, which will be an asset to any pop party, emerged are modern and dance bar, full of joy and good mood. Josef Hassing considered the topic is number one from all angles, whether the search for love (“on my pillow”), the farewell of a love (forget” (“me never”) or the demand for true love, when Josef stresses in “All or nothing”: “My heart is no plaything, no expected”.

Because boredom comes in second to none, the disc invites 45 minutes long without break to dance. Not missing may of course also his last singles in addition to the title song: “You’ve accomplished a miracle”, but also the final “hit mix” and a rousing revival of Roland Kaiser “to love you”. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker. Here, the young entertainer shows that he absolutely can match the big old master. In short: Tunes to the addicted, texts to the feeling after a production, which probably will sweep away anyone, which is based on new German Schlager. (Text: Klaus colorful) The CD-album “forget me never” by Josef Hassing will be released on June 10th 2011.

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