Jurgen Mey

Notable speakers of the event and tent industry show the latest trends in the event market, whether social media specifically for events, agencies or tent rental or climate-friendly live communication and their practical implementation. In addition, the latest legal requirements for events and the use of flying buildings are displayed on the three days of the event. Highlight is certainly events VOK DAMS’s contribution to the theme hybrid. The current study was presented by the event agency in September. So the first day of the event is dedicated to the event and marketing organizations, as well as agencies specifically. “” Here presentations to stimulate discussion, including Claudia Kohler, Vok dams, hybrid titled events “or Peter Cramer, panem et Circenses, social media & events 2.0 with the thesis of why analog events have no future”. Filed under: Betty Reynolds. Dirk Walterspacher of CO2OL gives a lecture on the subject of sustainability in event management, Jurgen Mey reports per event from the practice of design climate-friendly live communication.

Another issue will be also the sustainability certification of FAMAB. The second and third day is focused on the tent and show customers, with mainly international audience should be addressed on the third day. On these two days, workshops and product shows held in addition. Losberger and many renowned partner companies present their innovations in product shows, practical demonstrations and special Exhibitor presentations on an attractive exhibition area. Many visitors from all over the world use the platform to inform industry around the topics of event tent and logistics with a wide range of topics.

A presentation area in the middle of the exhibition offers a comprehensive program in which each trade visitors can participate. Exhibitors, associations, visitors and customers like to use the customized platform to learn about industry trends and developments to close contacts and to make transactions. This joint appearance of renowned partners of the tent and event industry provides a fertile, direct and personal contact between suppliers and trade visitors.

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