Kenneth Gergen

Before a plural cultural reality, not only it causes lack of clarity in the north or social project to which to follow, but causes as well separation between the individuals before the predominance of positions before the individualistic life more than of consensus. The sense of the life for Peter Berger and T Luckmann, (1997) he is " scheme that reunites models of acts of the diverse lines and accommodates them in a projection of a sense that extends from the birth to muerte" Sines add, that the accomplishment of a life sense begins when the person looks for to act and to be realised at the time to day, for fulfilling the things yearned for. Of here, that the existential emptiness happens when the individual does not extend its daily life vice versa rejecting to the ideacin of its project of life causing the nonexistence of a death equipped with sense that nourishes of reason of being to its life and. Very interesting also what it is contributed to us and comments, that the cultural dynamics of the contemporary western society makes possible the lack of sense of the life for being a profane, secular culture, characterized by the predominance of ' here and ahora' for the search and satisfaction of the particular interests in short term. This cultural form, denominated under the posmodernidad name implies a confrontation to the parameters, principles, ideals and projects that had governed the society from the origins of modernity. This form to see the life and del that make daily, of the hand with the process of ' psicologizacin of social' there is as it denominated Lipovetsky, where the characteristic demonstrates that it is the narcissism. It is added to us that the search of the immediate benefit and the definition of the life based on the moment, are mixed with the predominance of ' saturation of yo' as it honors Kenneth Gergen, where the possibility of defining I and develop of an identity is myself decreased before on stimulation of the individual in front of diverse styles of life, normative and/or valuing tastes, criteria, parameters, that do not offer ideal a clear one on the sense of the life. . Official site: Director Peter Farrelly.

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