Kiev Border

The only thing you can disappoint, this is a substantial difference in pay motorway in Hungary (approximately EUR 6 for 4 days) and Croatia (25 euros for 700 kilometers). So As in the first path crossing the border, we take a course in Budapest and already approaching the city, looking for signs of Zagreb. Hungary you will cross very quickly, this can not worry. Try not to get into the ridiculous situation, what has happened to us. On the border between Hungary and Croatia almost no neutral zone.

Ie Here you give the documents Hungarian pograntsy and three-meter you have already applied the passport booth Croatian border. We just got through them , decided that the Croatian territory will begin in a few hundred meters. Keep the course of Zagreb, there is not a bad hotel "Zagreb", cheap and unprepossessing in appearance, but clean inside, Rates include breakfast and the hotel has a Vi-Fi. From the border to Zagreb highway in Croatia, will cost you 6 euros. Well rested and slept, put forward in the direction of Dubrovnik. The main route will pass through highway and will cost you, as I said 25 euros. Please note that this road will take you to the transit route through Bosnia Herzegovina. She walks along the sea and will drive you to Bosnia no more than 10 km.

Most importantly, if you do not stop for the night or stay in Bosnia, you do not need a visa to travel on a transit route. And then you can decide which of the cities of Montenegro, you better have a rest. This may be of Budva, Kotor and Petrovac, rest on every taste. In my experience the road from Kiev (Ukraine) via Romania in Budva (Montenegro) amounted to 2100 km, because We decided to call in Bucharest for sightseeing. The total budget for two trips, and there came the cost of design of transit visas (Romania – $ 50 per person, Serbia – 3 per person), expenses on food and petrol, overnight in Czernowitz (25 ), overnight in Bucharest (35 ) and overnight near Belgrade (25 ), was 300 euros.

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