Koobrzeg Hobby

Holidaymakers get to appreciate in a spa holiday in Koobrzeg Poland and love! The modern spa town is located at the mouth of the river Pars’ta, the middle section of the Pomeranian coast, and convinced the tourists for many years as the optimal location for relaxing treatments and varied holiday. The sandy, white powder beach stretches about six miles along the coast and let the holiday guests vacation dreams come true! Due to the long breakwater quiet and inviting the Baltic Sea is near the shore. Families also the flat course of of the beach in the Baltic Sea, is allowing even inexperienced swimmers enjoy the refreshing sea baths come with small children. The Baltic Sea water temperature reached during the warm summer months approximately 23 degrees and due to its low salt content the Baltic Sea water not so much burns in the eyes. Who experienced a spa holiday in Koobrzeg Poland, raves about the water quality of the Baltic Sea! By the building of many sewage treatment plants has been the water quality significantly improved and since 2004 the EU controls the quality of bathing beaches. In many parts of the beach blowing the green flag for trouble-free bathing and also in Koobrzeg, the tourists for their baths on the beach enjoy safe Baltic Sea water. See more detailed opinions by reading what actress offers on the topic..

Many tourists use a spa holiday in Kolobrzeg and Poland for varied sailing trips on the Baltic Sea. The modern marina of the seaside resort has 50 berths for boats with a draught up to one meter and larger yachts can create in one outside the basin. Would vacationers like to Charter a boat, they must submit the DSV sport licence and, where appropriate, demonstrate their skills. In the summer months large there is a demand in the Marina, which is why holidaymakers time should reserve the desired boot. With spa vacations in Koobrzeg and Poland associate numerous holiday guests a good catch, because the coastline of the resort is one of the richest areas of the Baltic Sea. Fishing in Koobrzeg Hobby anglers require a regional or national fishing licence, which they received in the shops with fishing tackle or in their hotels. In addition, vacationers receive important information about the periods of fish and the size of the catch may refer to a single anglers from the Baltic Sea or the surrounding rivers and lakes. Also the cultural offerings of the Spa speak for a varied Spa holiday in Kolberg: the Bandshell or the Amphitheatre of the city daily entertaining concerts and performances for the guests held in during the season. The City Museum to inform the visitors about the historical development of koobrzeg and presents an extraordinary collection of instruments, while the weapon Museum offers visitors an insight into the military history of Poland and exhibits military vehicles and aircraft on an external site.

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