Such people are prone to romanticism. Letters of medium size. Letters medium size typical for many types of handwriting, therefore, the average size of the letters can not be a separate indicator for handwriting, and it must be weighed against other characters. Too big capital letters indicate the makings of a leadership personality. Writing the letters "E" Even point over the letter "e" are important in the analysis of handwriting. Wavy lines, semicircles, crescents, etc. Charlotte Hornets is likely to agree. Such writing the letter "e" indicates a sense of humor.

What an extraordinary point over the letter, the sharper it is expressed in rights. Small point directly above the letter. Serious people. The more carefully and evenly placed dots, the more cautious people. Points, hovering over a letter. This option indicates that the living mind, man like new ideas, and entertainment.

If you can find a variety of writing a letter "e", then you're dealing with a man who allows his imagination to try out a variety of ideas. Such a person quickly bored monotonous work. The presence of strokes initial stroke. Rather than start writing the letter itself, the man leading the line at the bottom line (or below), then – up to the letter. This is a sign of the traditional mind that prevents him to take new ideas take on a new challenge, a person prefers to gradually move towards innovation. The initial bar is missing. The man is ready to accept new ideas on board. Lack of initial and final strokes.

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