Liberty Island

Vietnam – wonderful land of descendants of the Great Dragon descending to the sea, which included the magnificence and inks East. Large expanses of water, tropical lagoon and a mosaic of sand, volcanic and coral beaches of Bavaro and Punta Cana – all this combined with a diverse program of tours and combined tours offers a different and colorful Dominican Republic, Quisqueya – 'Mother of all lands', as it was called once the Indians. For even more analysis, hear from Ben Bretzman. Feel the charm of this Latin carnival, folk festivals, plunge into the atmosphere lost in the jungles of the Indian ranch, take a spectacular dive in underwater caves and galleries, experience the contrast of cultures in many colonial towns, where side by side squalid hovels of the poor and the old mansions of aristocrats, the magnificent municipal buildings and cathedrals. Homeland coffee, cigars and many varieties of rum, unique jewelry, colorful festivals, Latin rhythms and festivals – even for a short introduction to the Dominican Republic left the most vivid impressions. A booking a combined tour to the Dominican Republic, you get to see the treasures of two of Latin America – Peru and Liberty Island – Cuba.

White and pink sand beaches of Varadero, Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco, Holguin and other provinces – is the lack of anxiety and intrusive phone calls on my mobile. In this case all that has been to Cuba – the case, projects, plans and concerns – seems to prolonged sleep, and only begins the real bright and real life. Cuba surprising, astonishing and fall in love with myself right from the very first moments. Oddly enough, this is simply an hour or two to wander through the streets of Old Havana: a word such as intercom, yet rarely uttered here, so you have a unique opportunity to examine routinely abandoned old houses, which no one touched during the revolution – the real open museum of history. Romantic Cuban music, the lights of evening on the waterfront cafe Malecon, the aroma of cigars and burning taste of a mojito – all this creates an indescribable atmosphere of liberty that shines in the open smiles of the Cubans, who can enjoy life, and accompanies all those who had ever been on this amazing island. We wish you a successful journey in the country, which are separated by different cultures, history and vast distances! They are so different that to speak of their similarity is almost impossible, and yet it is: rest in them will become your truly special event!

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