Manchester Jazz Festival

Because this is mainly frequented by locals, it is not so to a mere tourist attraction. Here you can get original Turkish arts and crafts, water pipes and many other oriental souvenirs Barcelona: Barcelona’s lively cultural scene has something to offer for everyone. Whether classical music, art, Opera, theatre and dance events. El Greco”combines well-known and new artists from all areas of the Festival from June 20 until July 31. For pure art lovers, there are also within exhibitions as E.g. the Dali exhibition in the Sala Guell, which can be visited until July 31st Manchester: from 24 July to 1 August takes place the Manchester Jazz Festival: nine days, 60 concerts and 300 Musiker.Vom 1 to 10 October lure culinary delights from around the world at the Manchester food & drink Festival. On 29 August, arsenal comes to Old Trafford.

To get the chance at cheap tickets is small, should you succeed however, a top football match Frankfurt are waiting for you: the museum embankment Festival from August 28-30 with the combination of culture and party atmosphere attracts each year millions of visitors. The annual Rheingau wine market on the This year from September 2 to 11 instead of a fixed date in the calendar of all wine lovers can find Fressgass ‘. The renowned Frankfurt Book Fair will take place from October 14 to 18, and continues to be one of the highlights for lovers of literature. “The host country this year is China, that is the motto of tradition & innovation” presented. Open the doors for private visitors on the 17th and 18.10. Palma de Mallorca: on August 4, Placido Domingo in the Palma arena gives a charity concert.

With the proceeds, the Foundation seeks to promote social and cultural projects in Mallorca. “The DeiInternational Music Festival” is another proof that Mallorca has to offer more than Sun and shooting man. Concerts in the Church, the monastery of Miramar and the Son Marroig mansion take place until September 18. Bangkok: on August 12, the birthday is celebrated by Queen Sirikit in Sanam Luang in Bangkok. “On August 15th and 16th which is Bangkok international fashion fair & Bangkok International leather fair” opened for visitors in 2009. This year will be 1,000 exhibitors expected to have the latest fashion trends in the luggage. In addition, there are a number of fashion shows and exhibitions of the best designers from Thailand Cheapflug

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