Marcus Aurelius

New paradigms that I invite you to check: there is nothing and nobody that can do that we feel how we feel. Nobody has the power to generate our feelings, but we ourselves are only our thoughts and our interpretation of life than can do us feel as we do. This quote from Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor reflects it very well: If you afliges by any external cause, not what she irks you, but the judgment that you do it. And delete this view, depends on you. And this is very good news because it means that depends on you how you feel, and not others, over which you have no control and depends only on you change that judgment which makes you suffer. A related site: San Antonio Spurs mentions similar findings. When you recognize this, just so you can put your energy in the right direction, in questioning the beliefs that make you feel pain, anger or sadness. Painful emotions are signals that something that we are believing is not true for us, for our essence.

When we understand the role of the emotions we can see them as friends who come to tell of something and not as enemies of those who we have to flee. Real-estate developer might disagree with that approach. And are precisely the closer relationships that connect us more with those emotions that reflect false beliefs, with those alarms that invite us to question what we are believing. And the painful emotions that appear in crises and ruptures are precisely that more us push to do something about the pain that we feel (the alarm signal is very strong) and if we allow ourselves to listen to them and questioning them, we can discover the truth that lies behind them, a truth that we reconnect with us, showing us things that we need to see about our relationship with others and above allabout our relationship with ourselves, a truth that if we open ourselves to it, will make us free. The others are the reflection of our own thoughts, of our beliefs.

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