Mark Steps

Use only the brick pavement and do not forget stairs clear of algae and mosses. Stairs should be comfortable. Take a step robust and broad enough to be on them could easily walk and carry gardening tools. The appearance of the stairs – it taste, but there are some general rules. For example, a curved staircase is considered more attractive than the direct, material from which made ladder should organically fit into the surroundings and blend with material adjacent sidewalks, patios and walls. Tread does not necessarily have to be directly coal – in some circumstances be effective look ladder with round or hexagonal steps. In the semi-wild garden stairs of logs and bark can successfully replace the popular construction of bricks and boards.

Last warning. Before starting work, carefully design a ladder and make a step width to use entire board, or sleepers, as cutting them by size – it is extremely time-consuming. Construction of staircases boards STEP 1: Mark Steps In Just measure the height of the SLOPE slope and calculate the number of stages. Remove the ground, as shown in the figure. Please note that under prilestnichnoy plate must be thick layer of gravel 7-8 cm and a layer of concrete. Tamp the ground Step 2: Place PRILESTNICHNUYU PLATES AND ONE When the concrete hardens risers, plant prilestnichnuyu plate on a thin layer of mortar and lay brick paving blocks or risers first STEP 3: Place the FIRST tread Fill the space behind the first risers with gravel and tamp it well.

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