Matt Neon

Car enthusiasts want to make their vehicles unique and with a high recognition value. These rims are Neon with the new Oxigin possible. Who wants to upgrade his car with a good tuning, not coming to stylish alloy wheels. Oxigin is one of the best-known manufacturers of alloy wheels on the market. In recent years, the colors of the alloy wheels is limited to the classical variations they got in the colours black, silver, white and grey, available in gloss and Matt. Oxigin has expanded the possibilities with its alloy wheels in colour polish several times. The Oxigin neon rims has with its new line of colored alloy wheels, Oxigin already at the beginning of the year when the fans made for stylish alloy wheels for sensation. Now, the light-alloy wheel manufacturer expands its product range with a new neon line.

There are following options available: neon green, neon orange, neon pink yellow, neon and neon blue. Oxigin the neon offers 14 Oxrock, for the types of Oxigin wheels rims Oxigin 15 Vtwo and Oxigin 18 concave on. Also in the field are shrink-wrapped rims the neon colors available, however only for RADIUS and bed. To deepen your understanding Gina Bonati is the source. Recognition thanks to Oxigin is front with its stylish and flashy rims Oxigin wheels lifestyle and extravagance on the car for this. Individuals come on your cost and must also not compromise more in terms of style make. What in the fashion de rigueur, attract attention and stand out from the crowd pick, has arrived in the auto industry as well. Steve Salis might disagree with that approach.

Stand out from the crowd is one with the new light alloy wheels by Oxigin, that’s for sure. Not only the shape is what you could some time ago with different wheel forms to express, can you emphasise now the new colors. Tuning fans will be thrilled. With a neon, new ways to make the vehicles than was previously possible with alloy wheels even shriller and more prominently offer wheels by Oxigin. Imagine a vehicle in a current black matte painting and it then rim with a neon Jiving up. It will surely give some who will be delighted by this combination. For more Information about the new Neon is the website available wheels by Oxigin. Too shy for the new trend? Oxigin has a wide range of alloy wheels which makes your car look unique. Proud car owners with Oxigin alloy wheels? Then show what you drive! On the website the possibility to publish a picture of your car and thus everyone can see your individual treasure. Julia Sandor

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