Melanie Hunter – Luna

Melanie Jaeger enters the new single by Melanie Jaeger – Luna Latin sound and German Schlager a blend of Hot Latin rhythm coupled with German text by this blend with their new single LUNA”musical new territory in the German Schlager scene. The single appears from 01.07.2011 in trade and on all relevant download portals. Credit: Vanessa Marcil-2011. “Sun, party, beach Melanie Hunter’s new single LUNA” conveys pure holiday feelings. With their second single, she proves once more its independence and the courage to break new ground in the German Schlager scene, because the combination of Latin sound and German text did not exist it so far. LUNA”was developed in cooperation with the Slovenian producers Mihael Hamilton and German authors duo Michael Schon Meier/Bernd Wehner. Born as the child of a family of musicians on Gran Canaria, Melanie Jaeger early discovered her love of music and the German Schlager.

That she formally has music in her blood, her fans during their live performances every time on the new experience. With songs such as Strong love”, you let feelings responsability” and with you, the sun comes up”drew they already on himself. Now follows with LUNA”the next step in the career of the sympathetic singer from the vicinity of Bayreuth. Source: S & W music more information: contact: press & online: TV and radio: record label/company: S & W music

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