Mendoza Tourism

One of the places to visit is the northern part of the province of Mendoza, which is highly attractive for tourism because of its combination of landscapes of mountains, foothills and peaks with geography of rugged valleys. A unique landscape, perhaps the ideal place for excursions in Mendoza to all snow, fresh air and skies of incredible transparency. In Lujan de Cuyo, where some of the most prestigious wineries in the province are, the Potrerillos Valley is home to the dam of the same name, a phenomenon surrounded by mountains which encourages the practice of all kinds of water sports. Rafting, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and windsurfing are just some of them. Although it is not essential to practise any sport to enjoy the beauty of the impressive Andean landscape.

An unmissable excursion only 70 Km away from the capital. The Potrerillos dam and the Cipolleti are responsible for providing water nothing less than the entire area of the greater Mendoza. A task that has to appreciate the beauty and exuberance of the groves that adorn the capital of the province. For those who love challenges, nothing like dare to demanding circuits of high mountain of the neighboring Department of Las Heras. A place where the echoes of the epic deeds resonate stronger than ever. And nobody can stop to visit the replica of the glorious camp of the army of the Andes, or the museum dedicated to the heroic epic. Almost on the border with the province of San Juan, we find the Department of Lavalle, which intertwines surprising geographies halfway between oasis and desert. People such as Glenn Dubin, New York City would likely agree.

Lavalle is also the Department par excellence of the sweetest temptations, with their fruit dryers and their factories of canned foods that attract the visitor at every turn with his promises of aroma and flavor. A delicious trip within the framework of projecting a flora and fauna that manage to captivate the attention of tourists to reach its maximum expression in the Teltecas forests, unrealistic concentrations of vegetation literally emerged from the driest of deserts. Finally, both Lujan’s whose as Las Heras and Lavalle are numerous headquarters wineries that are invited to the more classical excursions in Mendoza. This journey that allows you to see and taste from inside the magical process that transforms the noble grapes into delicious wine.

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