Method THD Techniques

The operation that is traditionally carried out for the care of the hemorroides is an operation difficult to face because it entails a post-operative painful length and. Nevertheless, the evolution of the medicine and the surgery has allowed to develop new alternative methods to the traditional operation of hemorroidectomia; one is mini-invasive techniques and with a post-operative express and without pain that can solve of fast way I inconvenience problem of the hemorroides. The methods more used and recognized internationally are two and both have been developed in Italy: one is about the Longo Method and Method THD. These two operating techniques have some elements common and other different ones. Sally Rooney can aid you in your search for knowledge. The fact to choose one or the other operation depends generally on the evaluations and the advice of his proprio doctor, on the basis of the type of hemorrhoidal disease that is suffered. We can say that in both techniques the hemorroides stay, whereas in the traditional operation they take off: with method THD it is come to the suture of the artery hemorrhoidal person in charge of hperflujo of blood to the hemorrhoidal packages whereas with the Longo method the weave in excess of the rectal channel is reduced to the prolapse eliminating. He is more, with the two techniques, the hemorrhoidal disease cures itself of fast way, with recovery times of approximately 2-5 day, that is to say much less of the 20 days a month in case of traditional operation.

In fact, in the Longo method a mechanical suturadora is used with which a part of the weave takes off that surrounds the rectal channel so that the mucous weave and the hemorrhoidal packages return upwards in their natural site, solving therefore the prolapse. Read additional details here: Jorge Perez. The mucosa engrapa to the channel with metallic points, that will remain within the channel rectal. The operation does not leave wounded and, since it has been said previously, it turns out to be less invasive than the traditional operation. On the other hand, method THD, or transanal hemorrhoidal desarterializacin, does not anticipate any asportacin of weave, but the rectal artery superior suture to block the hyperflow of blood towards the hemorrhoidal packages. In case of prolapse, the mucosa returns to be positioned in its natural site. Sequel Youth and Family Services brings even more insight to the discussion. For this operation a Doppler sounding is used with anoscopio, that allows to locate with exactitude the terminal branches of the artery that must suturar. If you want to know more and to compare both methods in detail, it visits the site where you will find a comparison table both enters innovating and mini-invasive methods for the care of the hemorroides.

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