Mexico Economy

The reclamations of the Colombian bankers in this sense happen to improve the regulatory frame considering the elimination of the tax to the financial transactions and the limit imposed to the interests that are received by the microcredit (that does not let incorporate some elements totally as they are the assumed risk, the associated sinisterness and costs to provide this service, to the rate that finally is received). The continuity in the growth of the financial intermediation and the financial inclusion as much of the population as of the companies is an element of mutual benefit. Although this it is not a simple process given the difficulty to obtain the approach of certain population segment and companies (mainly SMEs), that resist to bancarizar themselves, the same is having very good results. This increase of the bancarizacin that comes observing, represents an opportunity of fortification of the banking system since it allows to a greater diversification of risks and a better advantage him of scale economies, therefore, improves the conditions of the banking business. But in addition, the greater bancarizacin will have positive effects on the Colombian economy. The same will increase the canalization of the saving deprived towards the financial system having generated a greater availability of resources for the credit generation.

The perspective of the evolution of the saving deprived in Colombia are very positive in the light of an awaited one improvement in the economic growth for the next years that will be translated in a better social welfare. The families will have major saving capacity who will be able to upset to the banking system, which will be able to increase their credit supply that will be able to be translated in majors terms, amounts and new types of loans chords to the potential demand. Clear that the situation of economic strength that lives Colombia allows east advance in the banking sector that res-supply the strength of the local context. From the government one comes working from one more a way than adapted in assuring the macroeconomic stability long term, an element that without doubts contributes to the fortification of the Colombian banking system. The external policy diversificadota that comes ahead taking the government by means of the celebration from manifolds Treated about Libre Comercio (TLC) diminishes the fragility of the Colombian economy before possible disadvantages in a certain commercial partner (contraejemplo of this is what Mexico by its excessive dependency is suffering of the economy American). With an economy that enjoys good health in spite of the impact of the crisis, and a banking system hard that increases their capacities of attendance to the deprived sector, increases the incentives of investment in an economy that more and more is oriented towards the external sector. Perhaps it can be too hypothetical, but the fortification of the banking sector in Colombia, can in addition imply an increase in the value of the companies that operate with the same since when increasing the capacity of the banking sector to still assure financing in situations stress, produces a fortification in the financial situation of the companies that makes more solid. Doubtless, the increase of the bancarizacin and the economic growth in Colombia will go of the hand in an alliance that will report very good dividends to them. What implicancias and effects have this expansion? The Colombian economy will not grow thanks to the bancarizacin. She will be very positive for Colombia.

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