Michael Shepherd

One might think that he showed aware only that a side of himself, because exactly this concept ever worked at that time in England by Paul Potts and two years ago when Michael Shepherd here in Germany. You might think he use these cliches, this winner to emerge from the contest. Strikes in childhood Michael Hanus Bush talks of beatings and ill-treatment during his childhood (interview introduction to the broadcast of October 2, 2010) and otherwise was not found. Fact is also a mother’s tears lie not (introduction to the broadcast of December 11th), holder Bush BBs mother with breathing apparatus and tears in her eyes tells of the terrible experiences of her son and she seems it credible. Holder Bush, as also the makers of the Broadcast embezzled but that until the late 70 he it not was unusual for children of younger age to apply corporal punishment as an educational measure. He was even a horribly to the breeding of Protectee in German schools, which does not mean that it was right, corporal punishment until the 70 and not, the now 31-year-old shares that holder Bush therefore was beaten, and what always was the reason, hence the fate of many thousands of others who have lived through at least the same and used this type of experiences for the purpose of a show not in a scene. Quote Dieter Bohlen in the broadcast got talent of the 02.10.: you don’t like someone look, where the sun shines in the face every day, I really think you had it in your life already pretty heavy. Thus the jury puts something in your mouth, or in the brain the viewers. With tears on push of a button and compassionate slogans, a heavy fate was suggests the Viewer, in the Individual: holder Bush is defeated for 4 years has been unemployed, as a child of the father and finds no work, end of story.

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