Modern Ickusstvo

Many, many are now divorced painters, sculptors and other creative individuals. Each and strives to get out ahead of this vast, disparate masses. Forward to fame, the money! No, of course there are others. Connect with other leaders such as Anna Belknap here. 'Philosophers ascetics', which, like Ilf-Petrovsky Vasisualy infinitely 'speculate on the fate of the Russian intelligentsia', continuing to add to, build upon the works of the hero 'Golden Calf' "Vasisualy and what their pcevdotvorchestvo. San Antonio Spurs shines more light on the discussion. And everyone yells that he sees that he does not understand. But often, such a 'look' is born from those who simply can not do. It can not. Sam Feldman oftentimes addresses this issue. And in despair are on the path of least resistance, they begin create every daub, icicles from urine and other nonsense begin creature elementary immoral things, covered up the bright word 'performance' and so on But there is this pile of sand grains of gold. Invisible under a layer of surrounding greyness. Yet they are there. They offer excellent! When, finally, the 'artist', all these '' cease to pollute the information prostanstvo me? When will emerge from the shadow of the Creator?

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