In the case of new homes in such cases as predictable characteristics are different, because the case involves a new home we request the sponsor various documents to verify that once we start with the formalities of purchase as we do not find surprises lack of permits or any mishap that could result in a purchase ill-gotten. “You should ask the developer all the information about the features of construction and copies of the plans to take into account and a good mental image of the building will be like once finished. “Very important is to check the building permit which implies the authorization to carry out the work proving that the building meets the provisions of the planning regulations, license of first occupation with which we will ensure that the developer has fulfilled its obligations City Hall, and the certificate of occupancy for future housing in order to check the sanitation and hygiene of buildings for housing and accommodation. “The promoter we must ensure the amounts paid on account during the construction process through an insurance contract, this is the means by which the insurer undertakes by charging a premium to compensate for damage or pay a sum of money verified the possibility foreseen in the contract, or a Bank Guarantee, in which the assignor is obliged to refund the amounts received on account plus 6% annual interest in case the construction may not start or finish within the agreed time frames determined in the contract. “You can force the promoter to cancel your mortgage, at his own costs of termination, corresponding to this also the cost of writing new buildings and horizontal division. Of the costs arising from the sale of new housing we are with VAT being that of a 7% of the deed. And the Stamp Tax, the basis for calculating the value deed and the tax rate applicable depends on the regions (0.1% and 1% approximately). Common costs in the sale are: “The notary, fees for the intervention of a notary public notary as depend on the value of the purchase, extension of writing, etc.

.. The Matrix (original) is to pay the seller and the remaining copies to the buyer. -Record the amount of fees by the intervention of the Registrar such amount will depend on the deed and the number of seats of representation. Now you are ready.

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