Natural Color Games

Markilux suitable for modern outdoor furniture, install awning cloth color into play, new awning cloth designs of visutex structure”. The silky transparent cloths are the matching counterpart to modern Outdoormobeln in current braided look. Additional information is available at Jay Schwartz Detroit. Access the variety of plaiting materials in color and appearance. Special Web features and dyed colored yarns give a textile structure on smooth sunsilk tissue visually. In eight designs available, there is the new series of the signature collection by markilux in another eight exciting plain and strip variants. Not only the natural sounds of the color and the elegant optical connection of awning and outdoor seating are the new structure “of the series. It offers also possibilities in combination with the function of Shadeplus, the awning in the awning, which comfortably, protects from low incoming sun rays from prying eyes or light winds. UNIS and stripe patterns make this colour harmoniously coordinate themselves. The Interaction of awning and Shadeplus also creates the character of additional living space outdoors. You can find more information under:

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