NEW Photo Ball Parties

This likeable product opens doors! Tupperpartys, candle parties, lingerie parties u.v.m are already for a long time successfully organised. Now, anyone can perform a sales party with customizable photo balls. On the website can learn each and apply for building its own line of distribution. “This friendly product will open doors and hearts!” (Originally posted of one of the first ladies who have just begun the distribution). The newly developed and worldwide patent pending photo ball is a high quality, hand-blown glass Christmas ball, which is customizable to individual photos. Like the familiar forms of sales parties, photo ball parties be organized also privately. The guests invited to a photo ball party are prompted to bring their favorite photos into photo albums or in digital form. The guest i.d.R with each other very well met, there solely with reviewing brought photos already have fun and conversation piece.

In this positive Atmosphere the most beautiful images are selected, to later be used for the production of a photo Christmas ball. The most dedicated sellers carry a photo shoot even during the event. The elegant, hand-crafted product patterns inspire and animate the guests alike to a large order. Grandma and Grandpa are pleased the grandson guaranteed over a photo Christmas ball with images. In addition, beautiful and decorative accessories, such as E.g. an also hand-blown glass stand for noble Christmas tree balls with photos for sale are offered. The finished photo balls, then already a few days later will be sent to the customer. Of course, all photo Christmas balls handmade are made – made in Germany!

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