Noel Papa

A question we launch to the analysis in this document: which is being the symbolism and the meaning that the commemorations and decorations of the natalinas parties is bringing for the natalense population? We can observe that the traditions of the natalinas parties are exerted by the population of this capital. Many mount Christmas trees and illuminate and decorate its residences, therefore as we saw previously, historically and culturally, these are some symbols of this festividade. In accordance with France (2008), … At this time of the year since most humble until the great mansions, the natalenses keeps the tradition to illuminate and to decorate its houses. Perhaps to homage the city, established accurately in day 25 of December, or who knows to strengthen the hope of a new time. For some natalenses citizens, the natalina festividade, as well as the parties in general, is one tries for assimilation of the nature I tie of it territorial observed in cultural geography.

When arriving the natalino period, the city looks for to adjust itself to the symbols to vivify the name of its territory (DI MO, 2001 apud HEIFER, 2008). These natalinos festejos, by means of its images, symbols and narratives? as well as all the parties? they add the cultural tradition and a local and regional identity for Christmas. However, that not vivified, the natalinas parties in Christmas are creating a species of identity and image for the city that sufficiently is visited by tourist in this period (HEIFER, 2008). We can perceive, however, that the direction of the commemoration of the Christmas is suffering modifications. In accordance with archbishop Dom Patrician Matias of Macdo, when circulating in the city, almost does not see the figure of Jesus. It still affirms that the children wait the Christmas to receive gifts from Noel Papa and is not guided on the true symbolism and meaning of the forgotten it celebration having become.

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