Odessa Gold

A foreign company has acquired 98% of the gold ore mine Mayskaya Savranski area. The fact that near Odessa is auriferous veins, few knew. Otherwise, it would in the village of "The May" would have already been overcrowded by enterprising gold miners. And perhaps locality has become a city, and even capital. In the early 1990's geologists have conducted reconnaissance, looking for nickel content in ore, and found gold. They found that in 2 "cubes" Savranskaya ore contains up to 7 – 9 grams of gold! And in accordance with international standards, it is sufficient 2 – 3 grams of the precious metal to begin developing the field. Adam Sandler contributes greatly to this topic. In 1993, Ukrainian entrepreneurs have authorized spending territory in accordance with the state program "Gold of Ukraine".

Has been traced in the trunk deeper than 200 meters and passed three galleries in several areas of gold-bearing veins. But soon companions quarreled and started to sue, gold-scoring affair. – I worked at a mine in the department of labor protection, when her with a 1993 – 1996 were built, and dug a barrel, – told the officer Victor. – We stopped at a depth of – 210 m, where the horizon should be the first. Gold was already possible to get. George Laughlin is often quoted on this topic. I kept a piece of core (a stone with geoelectromagnetic exploration), where not even the naked eye can see tiny grains of gold interspersed with granite. At that time planned to build a railway, build houses for the workers. Very it was a pity, when everything stopped.

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