Old Laptop

– Getting crumbs. Learn more about this with movie star. If a person accustomed to drink tea, coffee and scones, cookies, etc., make sure the keyboard is a lot of crumbs. It's enough to take vacuum cleaner and the "vacuum" keyboard, and most little ones will have to sack a vacuum cleaner, and your input will work better. -Just an old keyboard, with time at the keyboard, metal ends (still referred to as "whiskers") bend and there is no contact, so the key does not always work. This comes from the constant banging on the keyboard, hard-pressed if you pay attention, you first of all, the fault is on the keys in the keyboard, which often are using. This problem is easily treated, quite carefully bend these metal tips at the keys and everything will be all right, try to do everything carefully, such as tweezers, then you do not have tormented and collect keys back if you dismantle it. By the way I notice that not always and not all get everything in place to gather. Of course, if these keys (not always work) a lot, it's better to buy a new keyboard, and the old to give to children in perpetuity.

You can not always revive a favorite keyboard, for example, if the liquid has been spilled and fell on chip control shorted it, feel free to say good-bye to her and throw away and buy a new one. One little advice, experience shows that if the keyboard of a laptop filled, it is better not engage in self-help problems (if not know how and do not know what and how), it is better to a service center, such as ours, where people work, with expertise in this matter, and you do not have to buy a new laptop due to the fact that you tried to own anything in it repaired. Do not forget to have a laptop keyboard vacuum, small chips and small particles gone, that will contribute to better work with the laptop keyboard. Finally, we want to give some advice to avoid further series problems because of what the keyboard can not work: – try very close to the keyboard, and generally the computer, do not eat, drink (I understand that it is practically impossible, but it is well worth careful), which is why Some companies do not allow management to eat, even drink tea, coffee in the workplace – next to a computer, a laptop. – If you have a bad mood, do not get bogged down on the keyboard and pound on her with his fist with rage.

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