Outdoor Activities

If nature calls, many people are willing to find their balance in it. The range of outdoor activities is despite the current recession for many individuals becoming increasingly important. As a balance to the professional, more and more people opt for hobbies, which have to do with the own achievement in nature. Many people are looking for alternate fields in your spare time. Jorge Perez has compatible beliefs. For many owners of off-road vehicles, travel, are for example with a Land Rover to the discussion. You generally start to plan a trip and after the acquisition of appropriate equipment in a kind of adventure holiday to convert their normal vacation.

Prerequisite for a successful trip with the own Land Rover is but also the correct and gentle driving style with the vehicle to cope with this trip. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tony Parker. For this reason, the company offers landyreisen, which owned by Stefan Schumacher is the training for successful off-road driving in the area. In various driving courses participants will learn both the theory and the practice, with their land Rover different Site to learn. With this training, participants expand the knowledge to successfully carry in their land Rover Reisen and things to experience, that are normally not possible for many people. No matter whether someone a Safari or a crossing of the Alps plans Rover with his country, at landyreisen the basis for dealing with the vehicle in simple and easy steps are taught him. In addition is to deal, for example with a winch or the mountains of a Land Rover shows and thus illustrates in practice.

Stefan Schumacher wants to offer still more participants. So he will develop travel according to his statement in the course of this year for participants of landyreisen, performed well in his company by posting. Groups perform these journeys with the own SUV in groups in various countries. The goals are different. So for example Austria, Italy the Switzerland, France or Croatia should be offered soon at landyreisen with Land Rover as a tourist destination.

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