Google Earth

Those who have fallen over, are the traffic offenses (and I think they were infringements of traffic issues, apues no! Now are crimes.) And while Toni and Henry on behalf of the 78 pups urge us to a dinner at the St. Mark hotel, ending cocktail and piano to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of his group, another group, the club of the Minis make the car park next to the stream and ride a gymkhana. AESO yes, we had an accident at work, year one, three! But they all are. The scene seemed to be set in these films “made in USA” with all sorts of sirens and flashing lights. The diagnosis of the three workers fortunately does not exceed what “mild”, but the operational move, and a former mayor would have liked when he broke his leg. And if we did not have many distractions these days are showing occasional exposure. A room in the Z of the library and another at a private art gallery, part of the permanent exhibits of some private premises.

What has taken Carlos to remind us that the mid of this month of March, is the deadline for submission of photographs of the Carnival of Roses, and there is a reward for the three photos. Although the best news is that finally the technicians of the council, as we have said Magdalena managed to get the tourist office, library, theater, sports, swimming pool, The Castro, the citadel and the dolmen 3D Google Earth. Aya in the globalized world we are!. And baked beans everywhere, suspending the execution of a judicial and not a building collapses (in port), while the crook of the people is a demonstration of his invention and offers it to a local company without first having patented, or give it time to make the technical reports that would approve his discovery.

Canal Caracol

We all know that Marbella is a temperamental woman and direct in her opinions. when she do not like something, just do not swallow it, or wields hypocrisy, as happened at the press conference when a reporter boldly asked the Queen of tecnocarrilera if he had smoked marijuana and if somehow he was not exploiting his daughter getting involved in the project of “Amor Sincero” Marbelle stood from his chair and after tremendous left the room slamming the door seals the interview. “Sincere Love is a life story of a Colombian as anyone who has cost sacrifice, tears and perseverance to achieve their dreams, is produced without false pretenses to see family. That said … no doubt that the actress is wearing Marcela Benjumea the interpretation Marbelle’s mother, never seen him so much so permeated with a character, as it is with Yamile and that is reflected on the screen, literally devours her scenes and without fear we can conclude that Marcela and small debutante Rafaela, are stealing the show at this early stage of history. The background concern is knowing that the public reaction will appear on the scene when Laura Rodriguez, the girl that had characterized Marbelle in his youth, his charisma is append “which leaves the small Rafaela?, With an actress of the stature of a Marcela Benjumea his side, is likely to take to float the participation of the debutante actress.

Also discussed the story of “true love” exclude the dark episodes of the life of the “queen of the tecnocarrilera” among those who consider the judicial mess struck her ex-husband Royne Chavez who took him to jail for illicit enrichment, Statements of Royne Jr., stepson of the singer, on the alleged affair he held 15 years with Marbelle, while his father was in jail and that she has always denied to the hilt, calling this version as delusions cute teenager unfounded. It is said that Marbelle no longer walks, but it hovers due to the success of his novel “Amor Sincero” undrinkable and walk with their poses and requirements of Diva, in the end her story captures the attention of half the country and has rating the lead back to Canal RCN, severely beaten in 2009. Hopefully Marbelle not lose your perspective and stop senselessly intoxicated by the trappings of fame, as fleeting as treacherous. We could conclude that for the moment “sincere love” completely eclipsed the new launch of Canal Caracol “I’m not asking for the moon”, which is released as an actress singer Anasol, a stranger in these parts, but achieved some recognition with his music in Mexico and Latin American area two years ago. The attempt to change abruptly the gender of a singer, not all equidistant other times produces a favorable effect on the public, I believe that Anasol fatal heard singing “sheet music”, I am fan number one of these melodies and my impression when heard was that the girl does not feel at all comfortable, makes strenuous efforts to give a personal tinge to these jewels of the eighties music, but all that does is ruin your voice fascia. There is an adage that says “Coca Cola kills red”, this time referring to what happens with this new confrontation telenovela, we would say: “Marbelle Anasol kills” in the best sense of the word when it comes to choosing options.

Scarlett Johansson And Burgers

I recently learned the reason for the makeover of Scarlett Johansson in Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003). Showing forehead, eyebrows covered up, putting half in front … and alternating along the work. I told the director, Peter Webber, a director of Hannibal, the origin of evil (2007), the prequel to the famous saga of Hannibal Lecter-and Two Feet Under (Six Feet Under), among many other things. The front of Scarlett was not a problem of art or clothing but hamburgers. McDonalds to be more specific.

Asnicar food source of the actress in Sofia Coppola Japanese stay in the filming of Lost in Translation. He arrived in his next film, Webber, like a map of grains, despite the 100% beef that strives to promote the U.S. multinational, and of course … AA cover them with the cap until it disappeared Dutchman!, Because neither the densest could make them. But anyone who has seen the peliicula, I hope that is fixed on something more than the front of Scarlett and able to enjoy the fantastic subjective world between artist and model, created by the director.

All a master of subtext, with two actors who have managed to embody it. On many occasions, some of my students when I defend the virtues of subtext, are quick to wonder if this or that movie, what happens beyond the words of a particular scene had specified or not the writer. But how would I know if I have not read the script? In this case, I have the certainty conveyed by an original source.

Keeping Your Blog Up to Date

Anger is always a good motivator for your blog, but do not be angry, therefore, rational. Comment on some blog posts and then extensive comments on a blog post. It also attempts to access an explosive blog, a blog Clicker or one of the many programs of any blog traffic generator – there are plenty of ideas out there on that are worth writing, either for or against. What have you been watching or reading? Have you read a good (or bad) book lately? Write about your last reading, and recommend whether or not to explain or even write a summary in your blog. What about movies? Make a comment, whether good or bad, you could do a regular review on my blog of the latest movies that come to the billboard, and make comments. The same goes for television programs. For example, the beginning of a series that follows your favorite TV show, may have also several adherents of the same show that will be interested in your comment and so appreciate the summary of the episodes that have not seen. If a book, movie or TV show important, sure to find some critical comments.

Find the bad review and write a post against the views of the reviewer What have you been doing lately? Your workplace, your colleagues, your bosses, your home and your family have great potential for your blog, write something short and fun, you’ll have a great Post. Once a person stands out as special and interesting for your readers, you may want to know something more about you. For example … When was your last vacation trip? Write on a circuit where you been or do some research of some places where you’d like to go and write about them. Do you have a special ability? If you can do something unique or something that is common, but done in a special way because of your knowledge, there may be people interested in wanting to know how. Offer tips on cooking, sewing, cleaning, pet care, child care, beauty secrets, personal care ……. etc. I become a regular feature on my blog.

If you have a digital camera and find an interesting topic, take some pictures and then write something based on the theme. If you find interesting, funny or probably thought that someone in your best interest.

Festival of World Music

once again sponsoring the festival of world music: Mataro, Cruilla of Cultures 2009. Music from different places, cultures and a city scattered to enjoy, Mataro. In its May edition, the Festival makes music that fills the nights of July. Cultures Cruilla to receive this year’s visit two famous musicians such as Hugh Masekela South African and American Taj Mahal. Also the voice of the Uruguayan Jaime Roos, the wild African lo-fi “Konono N ” or the legendary band The Wailers.

These groups will be present with the Catalans, referring to the rumba training players in their parties that open and close the festival. Other groups in our country have found the space to develop, as Black Gandhi, Che Sudaka, La candombero or Alma Afrobeat Ensemble. The new scene will be present with Catalan Joan Miquel Oliver, Roger Mas, Raynald Colom and Manuel. In the end we will have the presentation of two premieres: and “Isaac Delgado & Jose Alberto ‘El Canario’ sing with La Latina.” Exclusive, after his tour of South America, Manu Chao & Radio Bemba back to Europe. Performing on July 4th the only confirmed date in Spain in their new world tour. Tickets are on sale through the ticket service.

A novelty is that the Festival will open this year a new space for the city called, is by the sea and allow for outdoor music events. The five large format concerts of the Festival will take place in this new exhibition, which has some better access, has a large parking area and is located next to the Renfe station, just off the rotunda of the statue Laia l’Archer, one of the symbols of the city, as is the Mataro, Cruilla of Cultures. For more information and tickets visit or consult in all branches of the Caixa Laietana.

Movies in the 70s

Back in the seventies people filled the halls of the cinema to see Ela Sauraa militant, Bergman, or Fellini Berlanga. It was, as has always been film, a window into our worlds impossible, a look at the thoughts of others, their imaginations and their fears were also ours. Do not know if it was first film or the Bible or Don Quixote. I do not know, but the film was omnipresent in the lives of people where we took refuge as a die. a That film characters who made genre films, which is the best that has ever gone replaced by stupid characters that our children have grown and imported, as everything from American cinema. That was different.

It was enough for Bogart in his overcoat deliberately seek a cigarette for all incorporation puffs of smoke into our lives without creating alarm. Fifty years have passed a the release of those emotions with the splendor of Technicolor at the bottom of the coop in Sed Mal, La Dolce Vita or The 400 Blows, a Vertigo or pleasure, movies at home, we took a transit a la Rita Hayworth bare hand after removing the glove, the sensuality of belly dancing Silvana Mangano the Bayon in Anna, in her tight corset LizTaylora of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof then huddled at night in the thalamus of the pillow to put a face to our aspirations and difficulties. a They were our friends, our myths of the Hollywood Hills and I would throw matches the girls as well as Lauren Bacall Humphrey. We all looked great mechanisms dominating the pace and the climate of black cinema, comedy or drama. a Now the piercing has replaced the aesthetic and the doors of the Festival de Malaga girls willing to wait hours to paste minimum screams peek at the characters in his television shows, and not eat for a movie, he goes to the theater eating popcorn, the peanuts. a chat and Mobile is the new destination wax molds now dreams of the youngsters, and in the retina absorb, up blood, violence and sex.

This generation can say that will live very well without family or Savagesa Wonderful Town, or love la Raia Aishwarya look Zeta-Jones or fifty years ago recreabamos us in the eyes of a distant wild rumor or Gloria Swanson a infinite sweetness Joan Crawford with which we learned to fall in love, pinned at the top of our beds, instead of the bleeding heart of Jesus who preached the priests. That’s why we love the cinema, as Rick Blaine told his lover Ilsa Lund, We’ll Always Have Paris Parisu heels we will always have in our lives as savior.

Calle Alcala and Culture

The Plaza Mayor is the latest must-see site, rectangular space in the center of which stands the statue of Felipe III in summer is full of terraces, where you can stop to rest and drink. Not forgetting the fans meeting every Sunday philately are under its arches and arcades. Certain is that you can choose another alternative to see the city, like any self-respecting place hidden in its streets, neighborhoods unforgettable walks flagship would give us a good idea around in neighborhoods such as the Latin exceptional idea to eat what a cute or Lavapies cultural diversity. Other side. Indisputable is also not a walk in the Rastro of Madrid. Located in the city center every Sunday and holiday locate a lot of small stall where you can find anything you’re looking for.

They are like a department store on the cheap. Tanners Rivera, Cascorro Square, Ronda de Toledo three examples of streets where street sits this unique market. A tip: do not lose sight of the bags. An excellent idea is to know the Gran Via in Madrid, starts at the Plaza of Spain, culminating with Calle Alcala. This street is known for its congregation of cinemas and flashing neon signs reminiscent of the great American streets.

If we still have time, invite you to take a tour of the Planetarium, the Royal Tapestry Factory, the Botanical Gardens, the Wax Museum, City Museum, Temple Debob, Quio Torres, Paseo de la Castellana, Plaza Colon, Amusement Park, Zoo, Casa de Campo, National Library … As for eating is concerned, Madrid offers a wide variety of astronomy. Welcomes the great dishes from other communities (paella, stew …) but without neglecting his own business, example of this is tripe from Madrid and cooked. The issue of accommodation is also a point to consider. As befits a large city that is home to all types of people with very different lives and rhythms, it was obvious that there were options to stay. Thus find accommodation from first to fifth class. Hotels, hostels, pensions, camping, are part of the mosaic of varieties, Are the prices? Everything from 15E at night to what you may be able to spend. Prices in Madrid, as in any large city are important. To orient ourselves more or less, you should know that the average for eating out would be about 10E, staying, as we have said from 15 to 20E, drink (coffee, sugar cane …) from 1E, 1E transport per trip, an urban phone call 3 min about 15 cents, the entrance of the cinema 6E … HOLIDAYS: 2 de Mayo: Day of the Community of Madrid.

Bernal Maria Luisa Elio

Bernal Maria Luisa Elio (1926-2009) “In those days it happened, I was still very young, what would I give for being so young now, if ever I cease to be. And then there was something in the streets, something in the houses, which disappeared after the war, the war that I still see on the roofs of the houses, the war that appeared one day in the cry of women. ” Maria Luisa Elio. THE VOICE OF A CHILD OF WAR Maria Luisa Elio, a native of Pamplona, is the author of the original idea, rooted in autobiographical, “the script for In the empty balcony (1962), the most important work of her husband the poet, writer and filmmaker jomi Garcia Ascot, written in collaboration with Emilio Garcia Riera (ibicense also in exile). The film is dedicated to “The Spanish killed in exile”, described in intimate tone and pathetic at the same time the experiences and memories of Gabriela (Maria Luisa Elio), evoking his childhood and the sudden outbreak of war Spanish in their lives, seven years old. Recreating the subjectivity of a fragmentary perceptions (the sudden disappearance of the father, the flight through a forest from the Republican Nationalist Spain, news of the shooting of the father, the family arrived in southern France and exile to Mexico .) On the empty balcony won the Prix de la Critique Locarno Festival and Giano d’Oro in the Latin American Film Festival on Sestri-Levante. The actress, writer and cultural promoter Elio Maria Luisa Bernal was born in Pamplona on August 17, 1926 and died in Coyoacan, Mexico City, 17 July 2009. .