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Costumed PETA activists call for vegetarian celebration on Stuttgart, September 26, 2009 last night stormed the animal rights organisation PETA Germany E.v. at the keg tapping on the Cannstatter Wasen costumed activists stage. Mayor Schuster marveled as a dancing pig, a cow and a chicken to vegetarian Party urged the tent audience. Fun vegetarian!”cried the animals from the stage and vegetarian starter kits distributed in the port”. “” Vegetarian love we love to celebrate and enjoy life “, explains nutritional expert Lars Hollerbach by PETA, but not at the expense of the animals!” The animal rights organisation PETA criticized on the Cannstatter Wasen their lives must allow every year countless chickens, pigs and cattle as oxen, Goggele, knuckle. The surprise action according to Fe should induce to think about their own diet. Because every year suffer and die over two billion animals alone in Germany for the Meat production.

Video footage of the animal rights activists show how be the horns sawed off cattle without stunning, chicks cut the beaks, the canines canceled piglets and the tails cut off. The animal rights organization urges the exhibitors of the Cannstatter Wasen, to occupy a role model and to offer vegetarian snacks. The Wasen would gives internationally a special reputation as animal-friendly folk festival. Free vegetarian starter kits”can be ordered from PETA on. our knowledge. Interview contact: Lars Hollerbach, Mobil 0152 / 21568672 printable photos send we you would like to request! More information and recipes: PETA Germany e. V.

is a sister organization of PETA United States, the world’s largest with over two million supporters animal rights organization. Goal of the organization is educating the public and change the way of life to give each animal a better life by uncovering animal cruelty. We are pleased about editorial coverage. For questions I am always available. Melitta Toller media Lwi PETA Germany e. V. Baig str. 1, 70839 Gerlingen + 49 (0) 7156 / 17828-27

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