It is possible to raise the necessities of training through the analyses organizacional, the human resources and the structure of positions. 3.2.4 Requirements of the T& D for the organizations Is important that the organizations have established focus so that the customer is always in first place. The necessary organizacional structure to be lined up favoring the factors that had influenced in the satisfaction of the customers and in the expectation that the same ones possess in relation to the work of the organization. 3.2.5 Requirements of the T& D for the education the information that are given to the pupils who study on the subject need to be planned and to be passed in clear way and sucinta, facilitating to the knowledge and the integration of the same to the practical activities, preparing for a highly competitive market and in increasing ascension. 3.2.6 Programming In accordance with Chiavenato (2010, P. 376), the planning of the training is result of the diagnosis of the training necessities.

Generally, the resources and the abilities placed to the disposal of the training are related with the problematic one diagnosised. In accordance with to follow description of the main item of a programming of training FIG 12.6: Ahead of the considered one the execution of the project is necessary, where important factors so that a directed process occurs well are: quality of the trained ones, quality of the instructors, quality of the materials and the instrucionais techniques, envolvement of commands and adequacy to the program. 3.2.7 Validation and evaluation of T& D the importance of the evaluation is to determine if ' ' pena&#039 was valid; ' , if the objectives of the training had been reached, if the process must or not to continue and if must be made some alteration. Before the result the process of T&amp will have to be evaluated if; D was satisfactory or the company does not stop.

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