Psychological Meanings

The characters that inspired the gypsy tarot arcana are drawn from an ancient fable or a story. They have a psychological base, reflecting the underlying reason for their existence, that is, fantasies are somehow deeply rooted in the unconscious of the human species. In fact, many psychologists have taken these figures to see how the archetypes that make up the human psyche are represented in the tarot gypsy. Carl Jung was perhaps who has best charts used for application of psychology practice, no how divination method but as a means for the patient to project his inner fantasies, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic manner. Jung nation in 1875 in Switzerland and was a disciple of Freud, who took up the basics of the psychic apparatus. Then came the brilliance of their personal development, where he tried to link the human psyche with the very history of mankind, ie, as a result of the development of the human race. Thus, one of the tools used were the gypsy tarot arcana. In summary, the gypsy tarot arcana represent people or situations embedded in the unconscious of the individual.

A case study is when presented with gypsy tarot cards to patients, and they are required to identify with one of them. Thus, we can interpolate any number of interpretations useful for seeing how that person perceives itself. It is not the same, when a patient is clearly reflected in the Hermit, in Transformation. In the first case, the gypsy tarot arcana represents a single person with no connections with others, voluntarily withdrawing the world, either because they feel misunderstood, or because contact with their peers generates fear and mistrust. In the case of the transformation, this gypsy tarot card depicts a triumphant Lord advancing on a town that has been submitted.

a l is the boss, who has the power and makes you feel to others. Others, like Timothy Leary, consider the tarot arcana Roma represent the progression of the individual, from earliest infancy to maturity. This is clear to see, when we think of the Fool, the first secret, which has no number, no doubt represents the child in all of us. While the World, the last of the major arcana tarot gitano reflects a mature person who has succeeded in the conquest of the outside world, the material plane, through the conquest of their own inner demons first. Overcoming oneself is the first step to conquer the world, in the maturity of life. Jesus Ontivero

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