Reggae Museum

Contrary to what I read on some forums, is not a conflicting place at all, people are very peaceful, helpful and pleasant. We left two full days, by taxi. The taxi driver was a Jamaican, friend guide of a girl who we met there. It took us practically the same if we had gone with the excursions from the hotel, although it took half the time to reach the sites, since we went by secondary roads by which bus does not fit, just visiting nothing tourist villages where for example, we bought a bag of shrimp spicy by 1, to a lady who was cooking them on the edge of the road. We were stopping where we wanted and knowing other things Jamaica is the destination for which I found less information about their excursions prior to departure. Spurs is often quoted on this topic. After being 5 days diving, we did some excursions Black River and YS Falls: South coast of Jamaica, which is the least developed in terms of tourism. This trip we made it in particular car, first Black River and then YS Falls, on the bus the order is reverse. YS Falls at first time, visit the magnificent falls, crystal clear and bubbly waters falling forming small coves where you can swim.

Here you can also hire Tyrolean, a spectacular fall that we not enjoyed because no longer remaining places available at the time that we arrived, but we saw other people and hallucinate. The drop in Tyrolean is on cataracts, reaching a speed that, from below, already impressed. Black River: River between tropical vegetation is typical because it is inhabited by crocodiles. Likely to see any, since the boatmen known span to span the Lake and hiding. Waterfalls of Dunns River and Reggae Museum: this excursion, I would say that it is the most popular. From Montego Bay along the North Coast, until the seaside resort of Ocho Rios, where there is a stop for lunch, and a visit to the Museum of Reggae, which offers a view of the genesis of reggae music.

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