Residence Permit

In recent years, buying property in Bulgaria is becoming increasingly popular among Russians, but also among citizens of other European countries. Some home buyers are also interested in obtaining vzmozhnostyu residence permit (permit), which entitles you to a long stay in Bulgaria. It is important to know that buying property in Bulgaria is not sufficient grounds for obtaining a residence permit (permit) in the country. Further details can be found at Anna- Belknap, an internet resource. Stay in Bulgaria can be permanent or longer if the alien has received a permit for continuous stay in Bulgaria (residence permit) or a permanent residence permit (permanent residence) and, subsequently, as result permits for permanent residence – Bulgarian citizenship. Conditions for obtaining permanent residence permit and are regulated by two laws: the Law on Foreign Persons in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Citizenship Act.

Residence permit (residence permit) – this resolution for an extended stay in Bulgaria. (A valuable related resource: Tony Parker). Winner of the status of real estate in Bulgaria is entitled to: – visa-free entry and stay in the country in terms of status – do business in your own company – get free education in schools and universities – for free medical care, as citizens of Bulgaria – Pensions – Invitations to private visits of foreigners – get a bank loan – apply for a visa in the country Schengen agreement was assigned to real estate in Bulgaria LNCH (Lichen chuzhdenets number – identification number for foreigners) and given a special plastic personal card – Map of continuously staying in the Republic of Bulgaria alien. Family members (husband / wife and minor children) are also entitled to real estate in Bulgaria. .

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