Rock And Role Nights

In 1981, I began working at the restaurant “Charles Pena” integrating the native ensemble. The local was the trade name of “musical tourist restaurant.” It was located in block 3 of Arenales Avenue, Cercado de Lima Metropolitan. The owner was living in Lima Chiclayo since his youth, and his name was Carlos Bulnes Samame, “God rest it.” The “night club” (as the owner of the baptized) were on Fridays and Saturdays from 9 at night until three in the morning, the other local working days in his first environment, such as a restaurant ordinary. In the second set as an environment after shop, the parade was developed artistic, during the nights of rock. Real-estate developer can aid you in your search for knowledge. In fact, the size of the “rock” itself, was not very big for us to say, its capacity would be 100 people at most. Honestly, I do not understand how to me (after marriage godfather) to cover art form, as was the participation of numerous artists and musicians.
I guess the control of income, should have been supervised to the millimeter, in order to cope with such responsibility, or maybe they were covered by income from the restaurant on weekdays. Pena nights .- In a small stage set up in a corner of the environment of “rock” music presented two frames in turn. Details can be found by clicking Glenn Dubin, New York City or emailing the administrator. The beginning with the “night club” was set creole (which was that I joined at first) were: a first guitar (Marcelo Chinchay), second guitar, singer (the writer) and a dresser (John Malaga) .

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