The place is small, not too big, has two beautifully constructed beach areas and bursts once a year on all seams. Margaret Loesser Robinson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Varem veche / Varna veche – Romania annually Varem veche (Varna veche) a Festival / party takes place, which attracts fashionistas from all over Europe. But not only to this party, the small resort has something to offer. The sandy beaches are well-maintained, there are many bars and cafes (which are although some temporarily built, but that gives a special charm all.) 2. Saturn after Eforie 21 km / 25 min / 9 euros by Varem veche (Varna veche) off we go north to the Romanian satellite locations. ATTENTION POTHOLES! Should you be travelling with a car in Romania, we advise you to be not in the evening or at night on Romanian roads.

The Romanian streets have many huge potholes, where we kill on have bogged also some tires. Also in towns such as Constanta and Bucharest, a drain cover or the asphalt missing already like to fill potholes. Saturn – Romania the Satelittenorte: Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune the former political elite to the rulers of Chauchesco made holidays regularly in the Satelittenorten. Therefore, tourists in these places is the best developed tourist structure. There are shops, bars, nightclubs and restaurants in sufficient amount and some with an unbeatable price – performance ratio. One of the highlights that you should not miss is located between the Satelittenorten and Eforie. An old wreck of a ship is located close to the beach. Between Neptune and Eforie – Romania – wreck travel between Satelittenorten and Constanta.

In Romania, there are ways, by bus, train, to run taxi or rental car. The buses does not meet the expectations of German tourists although mostly, but still the bus variant of the train variant is preferable. Outdated rail and many stops bring it, that can drive the train usually only at walking pace.

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