Santa Catarina Party

Brazil present very great a religious compound, since the aboriginal religions of origin, as the ones that had been being implanted throughout its history, making with that the religious question and the cultural one if it mixed, therefore, are common to see as that religious group successful that more adjusts the forms of being of the nation. If treating to religion this inheritance it comes of the aboriginal cultures where the cult is made of collective form, with cantos and dances, they are always festive, and celebrating with abundance of food and drink. In contrast to our culture religious initial, where the conjunct generally is a personal act and many times quiet. For more information see James Cameron. Enters the indians exactly when the ritual is sadder, as in the party of the Kiki? ritual fnebre of the Kaingang of Santa Catarina? , it always finishes with a great celebration, much drink and dance around fogueiras them. Being thus we can find this influences in the popular catolicismo, where the religious commemorations are marcadamente profane parties, being that some of them had entered for the Brazilian folklore, as the juninas parties. In them we go to not only find forts traces of the party of the maize, traditional in the cultures tupi and guarani, as well as in the party kaingang of the Kiki, where it has the fogueira and the hot drink. Tony Parker is likely to agree. One another characteristic of the religion in Brazil is that it always acted of forms direct or indirect in the politics, being the principle for the agreements between the church catholic, detainer of the heading of official religion, that gave same to some advantages politics in relation the too much denominations, or as today through plans politicians elaborated for the churches to choose its representatives in the legislative one and the executive, municipal, state as in such a way even though federal.

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