SAS Visitors and survival information event of the SAS TGroup the SAS training group, a company which provides safety training for doctors, journalists and travelers in war and crisis zones hosted on October 04, 2008 the 1.Safety and survival event in bad Bruckenau. We have invited many doctors, journalists and media representatives to this event and a large part of the invitee has already confirmed, the press event will talk about that. We expect a well-attended event so Kai Wawerzinek, owner of SAS training group. Us it is important that visitors can check the quality of the offered security training because only through quality can ensure a place in the market. Why is this event free of charge? Already when looking at our Web site, you notice that our safety training to those third-party prices differ significantly. Just more lies us to sell security our students than to be rich. It is our greatest achievement if a customer unscathed from a war zone returns.

What awaits visitors to your event? We must first distinguish between the visitors and participants, on the one hand, we have the press about the reported event and on the other side of the participants actively and with physical usage the event engage in that. You may find that Celina Dubin, New York City can contribute to your knowledge. Already the first impressions count and this is very important. We offer you insights into our training methods and doing a weekend of special. The participants experience, feel and learn in realistic scenarios and simulations. Already at the entrance of our camps begins a somewhat different experience for all visitors, and it lasts for the duration of the event.

What is there more for the visitors? As already mentioned, the event is free of charge. We cater for the visitors for the duration, participants receive a gift of memory and uploaded a photo we the winner by two BootCamp, SITA and CST pull courses worth a total of 1500 euros. Where will the event be held? The event takes on our training grounds near bad Bruckenau Instead of. We have specially built a camp for our training courses from which all our activities start. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Tony Parker. The camp is guarded to ensure the anonymity of our participants and visitors of course. The participants will receive the exact address and a directions fawns of your booking, for rail passengers, a shuttle service from central station Fulda available is. How can you sign up for this event? You can book event on our homepage at, here you can also more about the SAS training information group and more information about the event.

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