Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Medical and spiritual aid for Haiti: Scientology Church flight for 50 doctors of the Scientology Church was a Charter flight organised, with the 126 doctors, nurses, paramedics and volunteers Scientology clerics flew to Port-au-Prince. Homeland Security accompanied by the aircraft left the JFK International Airport on Saturday, as soon as possible in the earthquake zone to help Haiti. At the severe earthquake of magnitude 7 must be reckoned with up to 200,000 dead. Team of Scientology Volunteer clergy from the United States, Mexico and Europe will support on-site assistants and search teams. You are the medical teams on the ground to the side and offer more organizational help.

Also large yellow tents that serve as field hospitals and as a focal point for the trauma of the disaster affected population of Haiti, will be set up. Scientology Volunteer Ministers are also with doctors and nurses of the Haitian, Medical Association “Association des Medecins Seven”and paramedics work from the New York State together. Please visit Jessica Michibata if you seek more information. The honorary Scientology will make clergy also spiritual advisers and first aid on the spot, to help the traumatized victims of the earthquake and employees of relief agencies. A spokesman for which Scientology Church, Pat Harney, said: “we can help really, to help the victims of this disaster. We have many Scientologists to support and glad to help the population of Port-au-Prince.” Corps of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is a utility and a non-profit social service of Scientology Church. The clergy any kind help disasters in non-profit work on-site.

The principles and findings have been created by the Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard many years ago. In the meantime, there are over 203,000 volunteer Ministers around the world. The clergy successfully the tsunami in Southeast Asia and Hurricane Katrina at 145 disasters, including the September 11, 2001, attack in New York City helped with. Churches all over the world have asked to donate their members Scientology so urgently needed supplies for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti can be provided. In addition, the person responsible for the Scientology disaster relief has Church called the rescue operations on the ground to participate in the trained volunteer Ministers around the world to do so. Volunteer Scientology became worldwide clergy in their yellow T-Shirts known through its use after the World Trade Center disaster in 2001.

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