Sebil Tourism Turkish Culture

Tour operator focused on individual travel Antalya, 16 July 2009 with their landscape as cultural diversity and historical background Turkey is one of the most popular destinations. The Organizer Sebil tourism arranged not only tours to the country’s numerous cultural and historical sites, but also gives insight into the life of the locals. Here are the individual wishes of the customer in the first place. Where Oriental and European traditions to a unique mix, blend is the ideal holiday destination for all those who equally are looking for culture, history, leisure, entertainment, and recreation. You may wish to learn more. If so, San Antonio Spurs is the place to go. Sebil team offers comprehensive service from planning tourism with 23 years of experience prior to proceeding with a personalized itinerary. The tour operator is along an extensive programme both for individuals and for groups. Muammer celik, Managing Director of Sebil Tourism Organization, declared: We are known for our hospitality.

If our country visit our customers for the first time, it appears, for example, often only third-party, they get offered by each a cup of tea. But this unique encounter with the people, their customs and traditions, which we want to convey as a travel provider. In addition to the life of the locals the tourists meet also the rich far into the past history of the country, also impressive monuments bear witness to the.” Excerpt from the program of the Organizer: mystical world (Konya and Mevlana) hiking (E.g. Cappadocia, Taurus Mountains, Lake BAFA, Lake Van, Ararat) Eastern Turkey complete weekend in Istanbul Turkey different life in the village of natural wonders of Turkey history and present biblical tours (E.g. in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul) high resolution images can be requested at the following E-Mail address:. In brief: Sebil tourism was founded in 1985 in Antalya, Turkey. The holiday party is individually decorated tours for groups as well as for individuals. It focuses on the Turkish culture, history and mentality.. More information: Sebil Tourism Organization ozgurluk Bulvari No: 95/2 07100 Antalya contact: Muammer celik/Sabiha na Tel: + 90 (242) 312 69 54 fax: + 90 (242) 312 69 53 E-Mail: marketing and PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH contact: Erich Jacobi Tel.: + 49 (089) 89 66 90 01 fax: + 49 (089) 35 02 99 54 E-Mail:

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