Second Life

Naturally, every experienced in the life phases of orientation for example through relocation, longer periods of illness, retirement from the profession, separation, or death of an important person. Neuss, 03.03.2008 – if you then noticed that something is missing”, then you must try to change something in his life, to replace the missing. New impulses are now in demand. The number of single households 60plus in Germany is increasing. Tony Parker is often quoted on this topic. Many people in Germany alone live through loss of a partner or the partner through death or also as a result of separation or divorce. The average life expectancy of women is 80 years, in men 75 years with the result that by the 75-year-old each / r Second living alone aged 64 74 years every / r fourth.

Rebuild social contacts is important! To live alone, it must at the same time mean to be lonely. Depressive moods or chronic feelings of loneliness are caused mostly by external circumstances. But actually, they are a question of attitude. A Self-esteem cat on or fear, others on refusal to join or feel to no longer trust themselves, are often cause for solitude and sad moods. If you noticed that the solitude of the soul eating or even eating them, one should try to change his situation, to find his emotional balance. So anyone who wants to escape the loneliness, must be active, reach out to others and build up trust. Otherwise you can reach difficult from this vicious circle. More important cornerstones: formulate the own goals and desires! Be active, get involved! Maintain food culture! Others get involved! Support take the isolation escape Joie de vivre feel! The complete article, see / use with source provided.

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