Secret Muscle

The pain comes from the inflammation that has occurred the lesion. Everything that facilitates the inflammation will relieve pain: application of ice. Very gentle massage based more on than drainage in the kneading (try to empty the muscle of waste causing inflammation). Very moderate exercise, more mobility than bodybuilding. I.e., do I work at very low intensity muscle to activate circulation and help him recover, but without entailing an effort intense. Very gentle stretches. With the same objective, give movement to the fibers, but without trying to gain muscle length. Stretch virtually don’t have to notice it.

What I do not do when I have muscle soreness? Everything that is related to the lactic myth, as well as counterproductive to a breakage of fibres. Drinking water with sugar or baking soda. Applying heat. Although home to relieve, it may cause more inflammation. Repeat the exercise that caused the muscle soreness.

To do so, you run the risk of produce you still more serious injury, a breakage of fibres real. Intense stretching. For the same reason; You can break any fiber. Prevention is simple and logical. The secret lies in the adaptation. Returns to training in a progressive manner and stiffness or they will not appear or they will do it very slightly. So I will have to go against the world (everything has to be quick), arm yourself of patience and begin without haste. It is one thing to feel small annoyances and quite another is not able to move. Don’t forget that pain is a defence system, a warning that something is wrong. And of course, shoelaces are no reflection of a good workout, but an excessive training. Responding to the title of this Rector: shoelaces are not good. Always remember that the laces are a lesion. Do you want to start the season injured?

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