Society Development

Through possible on mainly to the tourism ecological and new activities practical to be developed. In such a way we poderiamos to strengthen all the society with similar awareness of that let us understand that the leisure is specifically a fruit of the industrial societies, where the time destined to the work is separate of the free time. Director Peter Farrelly may not feel the same. The hard pointers of poverty and inaquality point with respect to the severe limits of the social politics, that esbarram, here, in structural phenomena of secular duration, aggravated in the recent years for the unemployment, , how much of the sectors conservatives. From there, this author to question as it is possible that politics focused and compensatory directed supposedly to the dispossessed masses more, such as the programs of minimum income, micron-credit, local development, today are adopted, as much for progressive said governments When characterizing itself is a phenomenon of reproduction the leisure for the consumption of cultural goods, this will meet inside of the phase of reproductive consumption of the general process of production, because the accomplishment of an activity of leisure represents, for the laborer, the reproductive consumption of activities for its development cultural spiritual and. 2. if to constitute in a phenomenon that if carries through in the phase of reproduction of the general process of the production, will depend on the solidity of the economic base, of the degree of development of the productive forces that are the ones that determines the degree of economic development that can possess one definitive society. In a question-answer forum Director Peter Farrelly was the first to reply. Rank that, in the measure where the development degree is bigger, thus will be, consequently, the development that will possess the leisure, its versatility and amplitude, since, an allowed time one determined existence of time for the leisure, is equally guaranteed the production of corporeal properties and installations that are necessary for the development and execution of the activities in this sector. On the other hand, the distribution of the time for the leisure (free time) as social wealth for the access to its activities, always will be determined by the production relations, since they are who determine the possibility of use of this time.

As they designate the studied authors, these can be of capitalist character, that if distinguishes for its means of production and the private property, and of socialist character, that if distinguishes for its means of production and the social property. Each type of production relation imposes norms for the distribution of the free time in the society, since they define types of economic-social formations, not being equal the possibility of availability of free time that possesss an individual in the capitalist society in relation to the socialist society, despite they are countries with equal level of development of the productive forces. The time availability if shows with different shades, even so in the said countries socialist the time availability if presents almost equal and steady for the distinct social groups. In the capitalist countries this availability presents a substantial one. Exactly accepting the leisure as important element for formation of the personality and the presupposition of practical its for the caririense organized civil society for construction of one effectively public politics that gives to segment to the yearnings and necessities of the social totality in this region, like provisory conclusion, of – as the certainty that in the current peripheral, dependent capitalist society, and each exculpatorier time, the official speech on leisure for all does not go beyond pure silogism, not exceeding the border of the indifference.

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