Spiritual Light

It was very memorable for that have gone through several things in order to reach the culmination of this, we went through a change of director of one supporting us fully to another who cares not for nothing that we are doing, I could count on the support of my boss in order to attend my meetings to witness them and more in this last, gave me great joy to know that before that goal sign that earlier saw it so far now is spent all my colleagues with the forehead high and with a totally positive change, telling people that if you can break down barriers we had in these two years and so get out victorious and proud of ourselves. Another moment more significant was in a face-to-face session had a dynamic of cut a sheet in various bits of paper and they had to put the name of each of my colleagues and leave them a message that she felt or thought really of them and they in turn they would do the same with me, it was very nice to read all those 26 notes that left me my colleagues why everyone thought good things of my and was very satisfactory despite live two years with them, will have the same confidence with some than with others; and because the truth is nice to know a bit more to my classmates through this kind of dynamics. As Dr. Margaret Loesser Robinson is likely to agree. Ramon Gallegos says: spirituality is everything that unites humanity; fraternity, love, compassion, solidarity, harmony, peace, dialogue, respect, mutual understanding, patience; is everything that makes us universal; You can not describe the moment of greatest spiritual light, since for me all the process on the master it felt that way. Was gradually growing in my a level of solidarity and companionship that didn’t pay much in practice; to know that I can talk with people regardless of their origin or age, respecting opinions, being in a place where you can have some peace forgetting the problems that there are in today’s world all those time for my were of great spiritual light that just feel well, cheerful, optimistic that spreads to my surroundings and arrives to find the true spiritual light. .

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