When, precisely, the opposite is happening. Perhaps check out Jorge Perez for more information. Aid system peca, in addition, will be badly distributed subsidies. Charge more large owners that already have more revenue and benefits of his agricultural activity. The basic income is set to a criterion of equality, to leave the differences are tackled in the market. Something that we have to understand is that the rural exodus has not been a purely economic factor. He could serve as a point of support so that many young people leave, but it continued happening when population and the lands reached a balance, at least to live moderately well.

A good part of the motivations go, not always best material conditions, was the closed mentality of the peoples, education excessively conservative and dependent older people, for example on the issue of the ownership of the land that is not transferred rather than inheritance. Rural youth searched cities other ways of living. Hugging us to the economic aspect, it should be analysed in the origins of the common agricultural policy, during the years 50-60, he had the self-sufficiency objective in Europe. When already there were reached and surpassed the unions which represent the holdings family claim that a second phase to orient to enhance safe and food quality, for a nearest internal market that would prevent a chain of intermediaries that make that the high price of products very little impact on the producer. Individually established basic income is a factor that stabilizes the markets crisis and ensures a season of bad harvests, without affecting the external factors market and strangers to production. At the same time will allow to maintain a balance with the productivity of countries developing, so they can they direct their products to the needy population and not the most to the export with the primary objective to take out funds to State or a very small part of the population.

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