Sun, Beach And Hot Flirts reveals that many page jumpers are looking for an adventure holiday Berlin, 01 March 2010 whether beach or Club vacation, cruise or tents far of everyday life increases the lust on a liaison, and many tourists have become true masters of flirt. This confirms also a survey of the leading casual dating Portal among 1,500 members in German-speaking countries. Especially women love affairs during the summer travel: nearly 63 percent of the respondent’s page jumpers had already a recognized adventure holiday. The charm of holiday flirtation with summer coming for many the time of unrestrained vacation flirtations. But why flirting it is precise during the holidays so well? According to the survey, 36 percent of page jumper particularly enjoy that the holiday fling has no connection to everyday life. Moreover, almost 33 percent of respondents estimate that any obligations arising from the affair on time. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tony Parker by clicking through.

27 percent attributed their joy of flirting on the relaxed atmosphere in the holiday. Host, bartender, or windsurfing instructor who has the most sex appeal? One might think that trained animators, bronzed bartender,s or smart surf instructors have the best chance at holidays willing to flirt. But far from it: at the Anbandeln almost 49 percent of the female and 68 percent of male users look preferred to other travelers. The locals have a good chance on a hot flirt: at least 16 percent of women and 15 percent of the male page jumpers prefer an adventure with local flirt partners. Beach holiday in southern Europe to the flirting especially popular the largest opportunities on a hot liaison are spoken to Southern destinations almost 38 percent of the women surveyed and men figure out where the best chances for an adventure itself.

Women and men sit at the holiday flirt on a proven classic: over 39 percent see the best flirt opportunities during their beach vacation. Almost 28 percent of the respondents user only 11 percent think on the flirt Club vacation place on individual trips to flirt with the opposite sex. Hotel bar as flirt location perfect, German page Springer is in amazingly agree when it comes to flirting hotspots in the holiday: just under 23 percent of both sexes scent the best flirt opportunities at the hotel bar. The beach as a flirt-location, where about one-fifth of respondents approaching the opposite sex dares lands on number two. 21 percent of female and male page jumper look, however, at the nightclub after an affair. By the way: As soon as the fire in the holiday is ignited, so quickly it is mostly extinguished. Over half of the page jumper, the affair ended after the holiday because they think that this has no chance in everyday life. is the first choice on the Internet for anyone looking for an affair with level. Here, people in the targeted search get acquainted for erotic contacts and adventures. Since the launch of the portal in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in the year 2004, the casual dating agency recorded a daily increase of up to 1,000 new registrations making it one of the fastest-growing portals of its kind. Currently, 894.000 members in German-speaking countries use the services of, which is characterized by reliability and anonymity as well as a high level of user-friendliness. The project guarantees a consistently high level and good quality of online dating users.

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