Sweets For My Sweet… Fashion For Dinner

A special outfit for special moments in life celebration is fun, but it should be something special that you can offer yourself and guests. Looking after the unforgettable Highligth fashion lovers and sweet tooth have become now find: clothing from candy! At the hand-made unique limitless imagination. Marshmallows, gummy bears, Lakitze, or Apple rings for every taste there is something. Also the design of edible clothing varies arbitrarily and can be made even after the own preferences and desires. On the idea, the team of sweetfashion came to attract visitors in a booth at a wedding fair. The dress was the absolute eye-catcher!”says by sweetfashion, a great idea for a sweet honeymoon for example. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Tony Parker.

Anneli Eick” Another plan, effectively the sweet dress, came from visitors of the wedding fair. “You wanted it for the hen party: everybody who wants to bite must pay one euro!” as a visitor. At nearly 4 Kilo sweets, which are processed in the dress, is the a more rewarding merit and financed perhaps the last night of freedom of the bride. By the recessed satin ribbon in the back, the dress is size adjustable and fits perfectly. Of course, there are also special sizes possible.”says the inventor of sweetfashion. Who wants to dress up in sweet lick pure, can order them at.

He will also receive an order form, with which he can select size, sweetness and basic design. This data evaluates sweetfashion and sends a draft. The customer is satisfied, he can look forward two weeks on an extraordinary outfit. These are priced starting from 160 euro. Whether for stag and Hen Parties, birthdays or just to the sweet pleasure of having sweetfashion the special fun is guaranteed.

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