System Properties

More details to experiment with the settings of the user interface in the 'System Properties' under 'Advanced' section 'Performance', in vkladochke 'Visual Effects'. You can select just your visual effects. And all the unwanted refuse – and thus reduce the load on your computer. Step # 4. Turn off unnecessary automatically startup programs.

One reason for slowing down Windows xp, at least during start-up, are automatically downloaded program. Anna Belknap often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This may be elements of what some programs, the icons which you can see in bottom right of the screen. Some things you need. For even more opinions, read materials from George Laughlin. From some, not very useful, you constantly have to get rid of by closing them manually. And then flashed the thought: Is not there all these unnecessary things just disable it? For this, First of all you can look at the Start menu, All Programs – Startup. " Removing unneeded tabs, you'll stop some startup programs. What if the startup you have cleaned, and some icons in the toolbar problems continue to bother you? Execute the 'Start-Run' in the resulting window, write msconfig and press enter on your keyboard.

In the window 'System Configuration' tab we are interested in 'Startup', select that, you get access to all startup programs on your computer. Remove the checkmark from the unwanted programs, and the next time you start seeing that in the 'taskbar' icons have diminished. This means that Windows will load a little bit faster, and free memory will be a bit more. Step # 5. Disable unnecessary services. What else should I look for when optimizing the Windows xp – so it's on the system services that run by default.

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