Tata Group

The Group holds in the cultural field the Tata Institute of Fundamental research, Mumbai and as curiosity is pointed out that in the past 75 years none of their companies has suffered strikes, while its anti-corruption policy that severely punishes is famous to those who dare to ask for commissions. Adds xornalgalicia.es which l Indian business group aims to build a macropuerto along with breeding of one of the most threatened marine turtles of the planet the powerful Tata Group, known worldwide for the Tata Nano, world’s cheapest car, is the main promoter of a macropuerto of Dhamra, located five kilometers from the Bhitarkanika National Park and 15 of the Gahirmatha marine sanctuary. While the Secretary general of the group, Ratan Tata, has ensured that they reconsiderarian the current location if there is evidence of the environmental value of the area, the project goes ahead. If you would like to know more then you should visit star actress. Greenpeace has spent years denouncing the project whose construction plan goes back to the year 1997, since the current location would affect the beaches of putting of the ridley turtle that is in serious danger of extinction. Director Peter Farrelly wanted to know more. Surprisingly, this space has been intentionally excluded from protection to facilitate the development of the port. Is amply demonstrated that the current location of the port would affect the beaches where these turtles lay their eggs so the Tata Group has a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the environment is real, said Pilar frames, responsible for the campaign of Greenpeacemas coast of 90,000 Greenpeace cyberactivists have urged the Secretary general of the Tata Group, Ratan Tata, who will reconsider their stance and look for another location in an area with lower environmental impact.

Both scientists, NGOs, area fishermen’s associations and international institutions are against the project and almost one hundred thousand Indians, most customers of this powerful business group, are demanding to Mr. Tata who do not subordinate the economic interests to the social and environmental has concluded Marcos.Greenpeace Spain joins the campaign world of collecting signatures to ask Tata to reconsider your position says that the philosophy of the Tata Group will more than do money, equal to that in its origin, that guides Tata currently is not the maximization of the benefits. Its management is based on four weekends of Hinduism: kama (love), arhta (business and labour), drama (sense of the) duty) and moksha (liberation from pain and ignorance). That moved in a business management around the integrity, knowledge, quality, unity and responsibility. This philosophy explains why two-thirds of the capital of the holding company are in the hands of three family foundations that spend all their benefits to social projects to help the more desfavorecidosEs why in all the India many people Street claims as well as the United States of America has Bill Gates we in India have to Ratan Tata.

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