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As such your you become for them an expert on the subject, as consequence while more readers to visit your Blog more blogger have links to the. As companies, professional organizations and emprendedorers observed the growth of your readers soon can put in contact with you for advertising on your Blog and in this way you can earn money with your Blog. 5. The Blog builds your market. Unless you’re a Hollywood star, it is likely that only your MOM and your friends more close to read your messages. But you do not need to depend on MOM to increase your base of readers and earn money with your Blog.

Look at the following ways to build your market through blogs:-through the use of E-mail. Nowadays, Blogs can be used the popularity of the e-mail as a quick and effective way to reach and expand a market. In this era of speed and quick access, log in and download an email takes less time that you click a site / Blog. If you have a list of subscribers you can send a brief email where you invite them to explore your site in search of valuable information about some product or service using your email signature to give a link to the site. -Through the use of subscriptions. Easily get to your readers is to give them the opportunity to maintain a unique and interesting information for your subscribers, Subscribe to your website/Blog and promote good relations of confidence will be your main objective, since they will be your future buyers. -Know your readers.

Carry out a simple survey for your readers can help understand the profiles and preferences of your audience, as well as request consumers to give information about something in particular in this way manage to interact more and better with them, is like interviewing your readers without the commitment and the intrusion of a face to face as if it were a personal interview. -Through the use of RSS. RSS is the technology of fastest growth on the Internet today. As such, the RSS feeds for your Blog is undoubtedly another way to keep your readers of all changes and new Post, of which they will be notified permanently up-to-date. Give your business a boost with the effective use of Blogs as a tool marketing on the Internet.

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