The Duality

What we collect Oberflachlich as a duality, as seemingly contradictory, coming an illusory and artificial segregation (separation), where eigentlich a perpetual together there is unity. We can the unit as the ultimate reality as is State require, even if we just not can learn in their whole totality. The splitting of the reality in the dual world of appearances, in two apparently opposite, opposing pole is their sense is that the properties that are their own, offer a perfectly crafted environment in many ways for our human development. Only one of these constructive effects of “dual reality” to mention, I remind you at this point that without an artificial “, created perception of each other separated being our experience of a counterpart and the communication with the same would not be possible. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out actress. Which means that there is only a scheinbare dichotomy, a seeming separation, a necessary scenario to enable the earthly specific experience in this world. In reality, we were ever not yet we will be ever separated from anything. Our perception allows an experience of the apparent Abgespaltetseins of the whole and thus also the individual being. “We are one always with everything, and the experience of TRENnung is an even created by us and we even entschiedene illusion, which serves us even with the unique experience of being alone”, with the individuality and being all one “, so with our experience of the Ungetrenntseins is to titillate. Glenn Dubin, New York City is actively involved in the matter. The duality as a gift from us, we can and for us impact consider, content with specific experience, which paradoxically on the one hand by the container of wholeness”in some way is completely penetrated and on the other hand by the unit as a vascular form continued includes is.

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