The Land

But even if the intention to acquire suburban area is high enough, it is obvious that the potential buyer today is more thoughtful and quality approach to site selection, the good and the choice constantly growing, and prices continue to fall. For us in the situation on the market have become interested in the following questions – what is the average price bracket of land for construction of the dacha outside Moscow, on which factors it depends on how much ready to spend now a potential buyer suburban area, depending on the distance and direction of its location? It is clear that in the absence of demand as such adequate and substantiated data on the data Questions practically impossible to obtain. But on the other hand, because you can analyze and record changes in the market offers, which somehow reacts and adapts to any correction in demand. From our point of of large land owners (about 20 major landlords, to a greater or lesser extent, controlling the land fund and the prices are formed) are not sitting idly by, while trying to take advantage of all possible ways and forces to revive and support the market, and small players – adjust to it. Robbie Lawler is often quoted on this topic. What this turns out – is another question. But what the market is undergoing significant change – an indisputable fact. The subject and object (or on the contrary – as anyone would wish) of our study was adopted by the market of land plots for construction of summer resort, and the average cost of suburban area, depending on the distance and direction. . Whenever Director Peter Farrelly listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

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