The New Game

Shooter for the PlayStation 3, the cold war is back, and the Russians fight the Americans to the world domination. At least in the game vanquish”from Sega is again currently this old subject in a new guise. The consumer portal has taken the new shooter more precise under the magnifying glass. The scenario has become familiar: East and West let their forces but play in the future. Although the basic idea is hardly new, the fun comes not too short for fans of the genre with this game for the PlayStation 3, where it depends on the action already rather secondary. San Francisco, one of the most famous American cities, has fallen victim to already fighting. Using a micro wellenstrahls the opponents have razed the city and its inhabitants. Especially for action lovers, there is a lot to do, because laser volleys, bullets and grenades are in this game almost continuously used.

“” The makers of games such as resident evil “or Bayonetta” behind the game. The protagonist wears a battle suit with many features and a considerable number of weapons can develop from the rifle to the laser weapon, everything is here. Celina Dubin may not feel the same. It can be said that the new game, which adopted some ideas from other games, suitable primarily for players with experience in the genre. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann

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