The Result

The thoughts that come from Radio chaos are those pessimists who manage to paralyze us or think that we are incapable of certain achievements. But these thoughts also affect our children succeed, when we say, a you do not know how to do ESOA a eres useless todo you do bad, tired and sometimes brave we are able to say things that we ourselves are not realize. I remember many years ago in college when I had a friend who went wrong in a review and cited his Mom, this came to school and before him who was yelling and saying terrible things, he only bowed his head, I think to not see who was around him. Many years later, when once on the beach behind my heard a woman screaming at someone in a very ugly, insulting him, I stop and turn to her, thinking that would give me ashamed to scold whom I supposed was one of their children, what was my surprise to see my partner with his head down also being scolded, not his mother but his wife. Many times we are shaping our children without realizing it, thinking things that, being annoying, we say without realizing that what we say can be as terrible or does not correspond proportionally by what we are scolding. Our thoughts produce realities that can not only affect us, but to our environment both family and labor. Think carefully, and the result is always positive for our children misbehave, correct them, we are not slopes misbehave. .

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